Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kindergarten Happenings

Here is a picture of our classroom behavior stoplight.  All the students begin the day on green. If students do an extra fantastic job during the day, they can get on blue and earn a prize at the end of the day! There are monthly incentives for students who stay on green or blue for the whole month! If students need warnings during the day, they move their clip to yellow and have to spend 5 minutes in timeout during recess.  Orange means that a student needed a time out during class time.  Red means there were major problems during the day and a parent will be contacted by note or phone.

This week we read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and did a chicka chicka name project. Students had to unscramble their name and assemble their palm tree. Names and numbers were written for students by teacher helpers. 
Here are some student work samples:

This week, our classroom received many puzzles and fine motor activities for a grant I wrote this summer through! Thank you, Donors Choose!
It's been a busy second week of school!  The class is starting to get a better hang on classroom/school procedures like walking quietly in the hallway. Week three will continue to bring improvement.  Don't forget- No school next Friday, September 23.

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