Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Getting Into a Routine

Hi there, families!  Thanks for checking out our classroom blog.  We've officially made it through our first two days of kindergarten!

 The first few weeks are all about getting into a routine in the classroom.  Students need to learn how to walk in the hallways,  how to line up (and stay in line!),  how to act appropriately in the bathroom,  how to hang their things up each day,  etc.

The beginning of kindergarten is usually a hard transition for kids because it's such a long day for them!  You can help by making sure that your child is getting to bed at a good hour and getting plenty of sleep each night.  That will help him/her with self-control throughout the day.  You can also help by asking your child how they did each day and reminding him/her about the importance of following directions the FIRST time asked!

Daily homework folders and planners will hopefully be in soon and then you will get a daily report of your child's behavior.

 Thanks for your support so far...I can't do it without you!

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                                                                                          ~Mrs. Lindsay

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