Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Trip to the Apple Orchard

On Friday,  our class headed to the Apple Orchard for our first field trip.  Thank you to all the chaperones who made this day a success!  We had great weather,  although it was a bit muddy.  All the kids had a wonderful time...

 When we first got there,  we took a hayride out into the orchard to pick apples.  Each child got to pick 5 apples off the tree.  After that,  we headed for the pumpkin patch.  Each child got to pick out their own pumpkin.

After picking the apples and pumpkins,  we had lunch.  Then the kids had time to play in the Funland, which included a hay maze,  farm animals,  bikes,  a playset,  and some other fun things to look at.

After playing,  we had cider and donuts and then the kids headed out for some more playtime until we had to leave.

Here are the pictures I took (a little out of order)...Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Math, Math, Math!

 First off,  here are a couple of pictures from Family Math Night last Wednesday.  Each teacher had a station set up with a make & take math activity.  My table was making pattern bracelets...they were a hit!
 Now on to some math centers from this week!  I got most of the ideas for math centers from the  Growing Kinders Blog.  I've found tons of great ideas for my classroom from this teacher!  I found the pattern book below at Kindergarten Crayons.  The kids are loving this center and coming up with great patterns independently.
 At the apple maze center,  students have to roll the dice,  count the dots,  and record the number.  Some students are working on writing numbers 1-10 independently and some students are working on writing numbers 6-15 independently at this center.

At this center,  students had to pick a card and count the apple seeds.  They then had to record the number on their answer sheet and color the apple to match the card.  Students are practicing counting sets of objects,  writing numbers,  and following directions!

Everyone has been working hard during center time!