Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Schedule Change

Happy Tuesday, families! I wanted to let you know about a slight schedule change that the students had at school, which began yesterday. In the morning, we will now be doing a new enrichment block from 9:00-9:30. This will be a time dedicated to students working on skills with which they need additional help. This will be a "differentiated" block. In other words, students were assessed and will only be working on skills that they need additional practice with. Two days per week will be dedicated to reading and two days per week will be dedicated to math enrichment. This means that students coming in late will not be able to get breakfast, as breakfast will end at 8:30.

The afternoon schedule is a bit different, as well. After lunch, recess, and a short rest, students will have social studies/science and math before going to Adventures in Learning Class. This is only slightly different, as our specials time is now 2:30, instead of 1:40. I explained all the changes to the class today and they've been following the new schedule with no problem so far. Kinder kids tend to be very routine-oriented so it's great that they are adapting so nicely! These changes have been made to increase instructional time, so it's a good thing!