Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farfallina & Marcel

Our story of the week will be Farfallina and Marcel this week. In the story, the caterpillar, Farfallina, turns into a butterfly. In science, we will be learning about how caterpillars turn into butterflies. In writing, we will be writing a nonfiction "All About" book, in which students will write facts they know about caterpillars and butterflies.

Our sight words next week are: be, pretty, now

In math next week, we will continue our study of subtraction. Check out this website for some fun math addition and subtraction games online:

Don't forget, we do not have school this Friday, May 4th because teachers have a professional development day.

I also wanted to say thank you to all the families who came out for conferences on Thursday. It was wonderful to talk to you about your child's progress and to show you what we have been up to in kindergarten! I am very thankful for all of the actively involved parents this year, from checking planners each day, to staying updated on school events, to helping your child read and do homework each night at home. I appreciate everything you do!

Sweet Dreamzzz

 As you know, the students had the opportunity to participate in the Sweet Dreamzzz program on Tuesday. The kids learned about a good routine for getting ready for bed and good sleep habits. The students also received a sleeping bag, stuffed animal, toothpaste, a tooth brush, and some other fun things!
Learning about light & heavy snacks before bed

Learning how to brush teeth properly
Learning how to get the room ready for sleep time!
Learning about washing up before bed
 They loved their new stuffed animals! It was cute to see the kids trading each other for the one they wanted. They came up with some pretty creative names for their new "friends"...

This was a really great program and the kids enjoyed learning about good sleep habits. They learned that they should be getting ready for bed by 8pm each night and that they need between 10-12 hours of sleep each night. They also learned that they should not be sleeping with the tv on because this can keep them from getting a deep, restful sleep. I think they learned some good information.

Thanks to all of the parents and families who attended the workshop! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Kindergarten in Pictures

Pardon my absence from blog writing! I have been busy finishing up papers and projects for my Masters class. I will be finished with my Masters at the end of April and cannot wait to have some time freed up again!

Here are some pictures that were snapped over the past few weeks...enjoy!
Farm Visit


 Ann Arbor Hands On Museum Field Trip

In the Classroom