Saturday, February 4, 2012

We have been busy!

We have been busy in kindergarten!  Two weeks ago we learned all about polar animals and had tons of fun doing it!  Last week our theme was all about dinosaurs. The kids were definitely into that topic and had tons of questions.

This coming week, our Scott Foresman story of the week is The Lion and the Mouse. The amazing words of the week from our story are: jungle, beast, nibbling, snarled, trembling, and entangled.

Our sight words this week are: they, of, and do
Our word family this week is: -in (pin, tin, win, fin, bin, spin, thin, chin)

In math we are continuing our study of addition. Students have been using manipulatives and number lines to help solve addition problems.

*Reminder: Mark your calendar for February 17th for the Black History Program at 1:30.* 
Our class will be singing a song about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

As you know,  we did not have school on Friday because staff had a Professional Development day. I just thought I'd share what our day was about because I would be curious as a parent!

As you may or may not know, all the states are moving to "Common Core State Standards".  In other words,  students across the country will be learning the same standards in every grade level,  no matter what state you live in. The CCSS were designed to be challenging and rigorous to prepare students for college and career success. Take a look at this video to get a better understanding of the CCSS.

This Professional Development really prompted me to think about how I am challenging all my students, especially those already performing above grade level.

We also received some great resources from the school that I cannot wait to start using in my classroom.
This is a word sort program to use on the SmartBoard!

I am excited to become familiar with both Debbie Diller books in order to improve our center time. These books encourage teachers to provide choices for students during center time, while providing options that challenge students who need extra support or an extra challenge. 

I am excited to get back in the classroom after that great Professional Development day. Have a great weekend everyone!

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