Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!  We are back in action at school and getting reacquainted with our normal kindergarten routine. This week our story is called "Little Quack" by Lauren Thompson.  The question of the week is, "What new things can you do as you get older?"

This week our sight words are me and with. We are also concentrating on the -at family (rat, cat, bat, mat, etc.) Beginning next week, students will be benchmark tested in their basic reading and math skills in order to chart their progress. I am looking forward to seeing how all the kinders are progressing!

In reading groups, we have been working hard on using our "magic reading fingers" to point under each word as we read. We are also practicing using the picture for help in figuring out tricky words, as well as using the first letter in the word to get our mouths ready.  Click here for some ideas to use with your child beyond simply saying "sound it out": Reading Star Strategies

In math we are focusing on measurement.  So far this week we have focused on capacity. Students will learn about weight on Thursday and Friday, before moving on to length next week.

We are shifting our focus in character education away from self-concept and on to physical health. This week we explored the importance of exercise and practiced moving around to speed up our heart beats. Students also learned about the importance of eating healthy foods.

As you probably noticed, new daily folders were sent home on Monday. Please be sure to empty old papers from the folders each night so the folders stay in good shape and do not rip from being too full. 

Finally, Happy New year to all the wonderful families who have been so supportive this year.  I truly enjoy spending my days teaching your children!

I will leave you with a quote I love:

“Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.”    ~Emilie Buchwald

This just reminds me of all you do at home to support your child's academic growth...I couldn't do it without you! I'm looking forward to a wonderful 2012 with my kindergarten class!



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