Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Bed for the Winter

This week, our story is "A Bed for the Winter".  In this book, students learn about different types of animal homes. We read the book for the first time today and the kids were "oohing" and "ahhing" over the photographs of animals. Kindergarteners just love learning about animals!

For each Scott Foresman story, the first day is spent doing a "Concept Talk" to build students' background knowledge and introducing the "Amazing Words" of the week. The second day is the first read of the story, which is reading for enjoyment. The third day we read the story and focus on vocabulary. The fourth day we read the story a third and final time and focus on comprehension. The fifth day is used for extension activities.

Our letters this week are Uu and Vv. Our sight words for the week are she, he, and for.

In math, the mini-lessons this week are on comparing numbers. In centers, students are working on patterns, number writing, computers, and comparing numbers independently.

In science, we are working hard on becoming familiar with the Scientific Method and we are beginning a unit on balance and motion. Our first investigation of the unit will be tomorrow, focusing on balance. We are lucky to have Foss Science Kits this year and I am very excited to use them! Follow this link for more information on the Balance and Motion unit.

Last week, we made snowmen to decorate our hallway and we learned our new December song. Here's a video of it (pardon the poor quality, I took it with my phone).  The kids were still in the habit of singing "November is the new month here at school"...bear with us, the song was still new to them! :)

December is the new month here at school!
December is the new month here at school!
It's the time we like to say,
Have a happy holiday!
Oh, December is the new month here at school!
Have a great week!

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