Monday, November 28, 2011

Bear Snores On

Our story of the week is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. Students will be learning what unique thing a bear does in the winter.  Our sight words of the week are play and go.  Our letters of the week are Ss and Tt.  In reading centers, students are practicing independent reading and finding sight words,  building and writing sight words, word sorts, computers, and a letter matching game.  During this time, I am seeing guided reading groups to provide more individualized instruction.

In math, the kindergarten team is focusing on comparing numbers.  We are practicing referencing the number line to help us tell which number is bigger. Students also count out the number of objects and to compare which group is bigger.  In math centers, students will get practice with comparing numbers, writing numbers to 30, patterns, and will play a dice counting game. Students will also go on Compass Learning math for one rotation of centers.

In writing, students are learning to tell a story through their pictures, rather than drawing one thing and saying "I'm done". They are learning to include a setting and characters in their story pictures. We have also begun a sharing schedule to share our writing each day. The kids get to sit in the "special sharing chair" when it's their turn!

Students also engage in Positive Action lessons several times during the week. Positive Action is a character education program new to the district this year.  Follow this link for more information: Positive Action- Kindergarten

The kids have been learning about self-concept (how we feel about ourselves) and things that affect our self-concept; our family, friends, our own choices, etc.  Throughout the lessons, the class gains keys to get through the gates to reach Castle Self-Concept.

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