Tuesday, October 4, 2011

We Are So Proud!

The story this week is "We Are So Proud!" by Donna Longo. 

We are exploring the question, "How do children work and play together?" Students are also learning about the parts of a story, with a focus on characters.  Please review the sight words I, am,  and see with your children at home.

In math we are continuing to concentrate on numbers 0-10.  Students are exploring counting,  writing numbers,  sequencing,  and patterning through math centers this week. 

A new addition to our classroom this week is the "MTA buck".  Students who are on green or blue for behavior at the end of the day will receive an MTA buck.  On Fridays,  a prize cart will come to each classroom and students can choose to spend their bucks or save them up. 

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