Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seasonal Books

This week,  we do not have a weekly story.  Instead,  we are taking a step away from our basal anthology to read a fun,  seasonal book each day.  Today we read Arthur's Halloween by Marc Brown and Clifford's First Halloween by Norman Bridwell. Our Word Wall Words this week are ais,  and to.

The sight words that have been introduced so far this year are Iamlittletheseeais,  and to.  Help your child practice these words at home...remember,  sight words are words that children should be able to read without thinking...it should be automatic!

We have been working hard in reading and math centers!  In reading,  students are working on rhyming,  beginning sounds,  letter identification,  computers,  and sequencing the alphabet.

In math,  students have been working on counting and writing numbers.  Some students are working on numbers 1-10 and other students are working on writing numbers to 15 independently.  Students are also working on patterning independently,  sequencing,  and computers.  I will try to remember to take pictures this week!

In science we are continuing to explore the 5 senses and in social studies we are learning about why it is important to keep track of time and how we keep track of time with calendars and clocks.  Today we focused on the concepts of yesterday,  today,  and tomorrow. 

Last Friday,  students made their own jack 'o' lantern and we made our own pumpkin patch in the hallway.  Pictures to come...

As you know,  our field trip is on Friday.  If you are unable to attend as a chaperone,  be sure to check our classroom website for pictures next week!  It's supposed to be chilly on Friday, so be sure to bundle your child up!  Also,  the buses are leaving at 8:30 for the field trip,  so be sure to arrive at school on time!

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